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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is what happens when I let my sweet Shih-Tzu "LuLu" in my Scrap Studio, she takes my fibers.. She thinks she is a cat! Now I need more pink, and she has a new toy! 11-9-2010


  1. What a sweet puppy! I used to have a dog steal my wool when ever I tried to knit, it was a fun game with her, she also would bring me my slippers every night after work. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories of my dog Brandy, may she rest in peace.

  2. What an adorable puppy!! so cute...
    Also, I'm your newest follower!
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  3. Thanks for joining my blog! Good Luck on the candy!

    Your puppy is too STINKIN CUTE! My "Lou Lou" (Half Shih-tzu and half toy poodle) eats everything like that too.. must be the shih part in her lol.